Google Glass: One of the Latest Advancements in Computer Technology

Computers and technology are advancing at an ever-increasing pace. What become new a yr in the past is now old, and the futuristic innovations to come back sincerely do not seem all that a long way off. Tablets and smartphones delivered touch interactivity to the masses, but now wearable, voice-activated era is pushing the bounds of what we can do with a gadget, both in phrases of computing electricity and length. If you have not yet heard of Google Glass, put together to rethink what you observed a pc is, and put together to be amazed at what this cutting-edge innovation can do.

What is Google Glass?

Google Glass is a laptop which you wear like eyeglasses. Like a smartphone or pill, it is able to join you to just about whatever and everyone. However, not like iOS or Android generation, Google Glass gives arms-unfastened, voice-activated interactivity. If you are troubled via human beings constantly searching down at their mobile gadgets, or in case you’ve discovered yourself wanting to use your cell tool but wanting to appearance elsewhere, Google Glass solves this hassle through setting a computer show proper wherein your eye is. It sounds enormously futuristic and not possible, however it is genuine: with Google Glass, your screen is wherever you appearance, permitting customers to have interaction with their laptop and the world round them at the equal time.

What types of matters can be accomplished with this laptop era?

With the simple audio sign of, “OK Glass” accompanied through a simple command, you can basically have Google Glass do whatever you would have your cellphone or tablet do. You can ship and receive messages, of route, but you can additionally ask Glass to take a photo or document a video, appearance up records, stay video chat with everybody else who has a cell device (and a Google account, obviously), translate your voice, get flip-by means of-flip instructions, and plenty more. The era is still fairly new, so it’s a  rose gold glass frames secure wager to say that as more customers and programmers get their fingers on it, greater functions may be evolved.

Is this the future of computer systems and generation?

It’s constantly hard to expect the destiny. However, it might be safe to mention that there will be a market for wearable computer systems like Google Glass inside the coming years. For one component, it solves the problem of all and sundry usually searching down and interacting with a telephone or pill; eye touch has grow to be scarce in recent years due to our dependence on our gadgets. Using a machine like Google Glass allows for natural interplay with other people. Also, wearable technology like Glass is small and light, which seems to be the trend in how our interactive devices are improving: thinner, extra portable, less boxy. Another component to remember is that all through current history, when humans have imagined the destiny of computers, they have regularly imagined a voice-managed device responding to our commands. That’s exactly what Google Glass does: the person tells it to do something, and it responds as a result. It’s now not a robot accomplice, in step with se, but the voice activation seems like a herbal evolution of generation like Apple’s Siri for iOS. For these motives and greater, it’s a very good guess that increasingly more people may be using wearable computer devices like Google Glass within the coming years.

Is this era available to the common character?

Well, sure and no. Currently, in order to get your hands on Google Glass, you need to justify to the corporation why you’re worth. Called the Glass Explorers application, Google’s aim is to get their product, which remains technically in a beta model, into the hands of people who will use it in transformative, creative, and influential way that many other humans will see. So far, Glass has been supplied to teachers, athletes, scientists, and others. Recently, Google has prolonged a wave of additional invitations to more human beings, however it’s no longer for a loose tool. The modern fee is $1500 – clearly reasonable for a powerful machine, however nonetheless high-priced, and sincerely extra than the common phone or pill. As with maximum era, although, it’s far expected that within the following couple of years, Google Glass will become extra lower priced, allowing extra people to own one in all their very own.

Technology like Google Glass is splendid. It lets in us to reflect on how some distance our computer systems have superior in recent years and how it’s far becoming closer to our early life dreams of a Jetsons-like future. In current weeks, Google has upgraded their prototype, and now Glass has greater alternatives: it’s far available in several colors, and with a quick amendment, it could paintings with sun shades and prescription eyeglasses. The device’s sturdiness has additionally been progressed; not like a couple of save-sold glasses, Google Glass does now not destroy or warp easily. If you get the opportunity to attempt on Google Glass for your self, take it. You’ll be surprised at how a whole lot you could do with a device this is almost completely arms-free.