A Simple Trick to Improve Raffle Ticket Sales and the Guest Experience at Your Benefit silent Auction

If you are looking towards raising money for charity, there are a number of different ideas you can use to bring in financial assistance in a limited time. You don’t need a lot of money or anything else in order to do so, but you generally need to offer back something, just to get the individuals interested in providing money. It’s always nice to give money to charity, but sometimes, people need a little extra incentive. If you are able to provide this, you are more likely to generate interest and more money will come in.

In a silent auction, you have different items silent auction basket on hand you want to auction off. Usually you have different people donate these items, such as a hotel stay, a bike, a restaurant certificate, and other similar items. During the silent auction, people come up and write down a bid to the item. The highest bid number wins the prize, and they pay that number to the charity. This is one of the great charity fundraising ideas for you to utilise. It doesn’t take a lot of work, and you have the option of bringing in a good deal of money in one night. You could also have it in conjunction with entertainment, food or drink to be sold to the guests and this way even if people are not bidding in the auction they are still contributing. This would cost you quite a lot up front and take a lot of organisational skills.

With a raffle, it works in a similar manor to a silent auction. You have people pay a flat fee for a raffle ticket, and then when it is time for the raffle to start, you pull one raffle ticket out of a large drum and call out the number. The number that matches belongs to the winner. However, raffles only really work if there are a large number of individuals attending the event. If only a few people show up, you don’t want to give away a large ticket item for only a small amount of money. This is why raffles take longer to raise the money as it usually takes a few weeks for people to sell all the tickets rather than on one occasion. These are more straight forward and simple to organise though.

People are usually willing to go on a single date with an attractive individual. This is possible with a date auction. Someone comes on stage and the rest of the crowd binds on a single date with the person. Anyone can be auctioned for the date, such as the local fire department, police force or even army (this would work well for a charity like help the heroes) or just anyone else that people might be willing to bid on. This allows you to generate a lot of interest in the event, and you don’t have to collect any sort of prizes or other items to give away. It is possibly the lowest cost option of all the charity fundraising ideas and is going to help you cut down the costs significantly of anything you are looking to do. Just make sure to publicize it well, as you want a large number of people to show up and bid on the men and women. This is the sort of event which might not suit all non-profit organisations as it could be considered a little bit risky.